What do we do?

We control alien invasive plants, remove solid waste and plant indigenous plants in urban riverine corridors. We collect and use data to better manage and use township open spaces together with municipal and civil society role players, resulting in better services, safety and environmental quality in these spaces.

How do we do this?

Green Corridors collaborates with the eThekwini Municipality’s Economic Development Unit and Safer Cities Unit as well as the kwaMashu Business Chamber Security Cluster and the local Neighbourhood Watch, and uses the Field Survey App for real-time data gathering to identify priorities, hotspots and responsibility gaps, and implement planned actions

Where do we do it?

In three catchments – Ohlanga, uMhlangane, lower uMngeni, in Wards 44, 46, 47, and 104

What is the impact?

The Green Corridors Enviro Team by the end of 2023 had cleared around 90 hectares of invasive weeds and trained over 200 Transformative Riverine Management Programme (TRMP) PEP employees in Alien Invasive Plant (AIP) clearing

How can you get involved?

Get involved in the area open spaces management steering committee in your area
Adopt a Spot: Green Corridors will use your sponsorship to maintain and extend its operational coverage