What do we do?

The Inanda Wilderness Park provides people of all ages, especially children and elderly people, with wellness-building and immersive experiences that connect them with their nearby natural world. Along with the bush trails, visitors experience a sensory garden and food garden with plots used by the elderly and school children. 

How do we do this?

Skilled facilitators supported by site assistants run weekly programmess with the elderly and learners, including outreach to surrounding areas. We partner with several municipal departments such as the Parks Natural Resources Department and also with civil society actors such as the Kinship Program.

Where do we do it?

The Inanda Wilderness Park is a unique 7 ha area of natural bushland which is conserved by Green Corridors. It is situated within the Inanda Township adjacent to the historic in Inanda Seminary School.

What is the impact?

  • The IWP programme benefits more than 2000 elderly people and children each month.
  • Beneficiaries experience the joy of giving through donations of fresh organic garden produce to nearby facilities for the aged and creches.
  • Through the Natural Resources Department’s environmental stewardship programmes , the IWP reaches up to 23 schools.

How can you get involved

  • Visit the IWP
  • Watch for events on the Green Corridors website