What do we do?

The KwaMashu Materials Beneficiation Centre is an innovation centre that researches and develops “green” products that can be introduced into South Africa’s circular economy. We take various types of solid and organic waste materials, pre-process them into usable forms and then combine them to make eco products. Solid waste materials include illegally dumped building rubble, street sweepings, low-value glass, non-recyclable plastics, post-consumer shoes and clothing, and organic materials including alien invasive plants, garden waste and food waste.

How do we do it?

We support collection systems that extract non-recyclable / low-value materials from areas where municipal waste management systems may exist but also where they don’t. We transport these materials to our materials beneficiation centre in KwaMashu where they get granulated / crushed / hammermilled to small particles which allows the solid waste to be made into various “Green Concrete” products such as pavers or retaining blocks or pressed into plastic sheets. Organic waste is made into bokashi compost

Where do we do it?

Currently our collections happen across the eThekwini Municipality and beneficiation takes place at our innovation centre in KwaMashu. We have a  commercialisation plan to set up 10 to 20 beneficiation modules around eThekwini by 2026.

What is the impact? 

Our Innovation centre currently processes 2 tons of material a day, however, it should be noted that this is done as Research and Development. Once our multiple beneficiation models are operationalised in viable commercial operations,  our technologies will have a significantly greater capacity to extract waste from the environment and convert it into eco-products, thereby creating multiple jobs and incomes in the process.

How can you get involved?

  • We are looking for volunteers and funding
  • Work with us to replicate our models
  • Make a donation of pavers to schools. Donation of pavers to schools raises awareness within our youth of the need to manage our waste responsibly and understand that today’s waste is tomorrow's resource.

Green Products

Bokashi Compost

Our Bokashi Compost, in addition to diverting organic waste from landfill, has many additional environmental benefits:

  • It reduces carbon footprint due to shorter distances being travelled to reprocess the organic waste material.
  • Our Bokashi compost is produced using an anaerobic fermentation process unlike other composts which use the natural composting (decomposition) process. The fermentation process produces less CO2 and or methane so is 60 times more environmentally responsible than the current endpoint for the materials we use. As such, we envisage these SMMEs especially cumulatively to have a substantial carbon credit trading capacity.
  • We integrate alien invasive plant materials into our compost as a way of improving biodiversity which is so severely compromised by alien invasive propagation.
  • Our packaging is reusable unlike other compost packaging which is single-use
  • We impose strict quality controls on our Bokashi compost to ensure consistently superior quality compost free of alien invasive seeds.
  • We have done multiple grow tests in various environments with various soils which we have proven to be highly cost-effective compared to similar products.
  • We are committed to supplying our high-quality compost in ergonomic and sustainable packaging


  • Standard soil conditioning: 100grams (one double handful) per m2 of soil 
  • Depleted soil reconditioning up to 300g /m2 


PLEASE NOTE, the fermentation process through rendering more available nutrients to plants per KG causes our Bokashi Compost to be HIGHLY ACIDIC. (It can have a pH of as low as 3.5) This makes it ESSENTIAL to mix the above dosage of Bokashi into NON-PLANT CONTAINING soil for 2 WEEKS, after which planting can be effected or bokashi-rich soil can be added to planted beds. 

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