Request for quotations: Plan and prepare itinerary for Dive Durban, KwaZulu-Natal Scuba Diving Tourism Expedition


Durban Green Corridors in partnership with the eThekwini Municipality intends undertaking a 3-4-week expedition exploring and profiling KwaZulu-Natal’s scuba diving, snorkeling and marine tourism attractions. This expedition group will comprise of two local diving enthusiasts along with two international volunteers (divers, bloggers and social influencers in their home countries) that will visit, dive, explore, document and photograph the rich variety of scuba related and other tourism attractions in relative proximity to Durban, from Shelley Beach in the South to Kosi Bay in the north.

To maximize the chance of incorporating flagship experiences such as the Sardine Run, Raggie breeding Season, Whale season and the period with the highest likelihood of good visibility, this expedition will be run over the June / July 2017 period.

The key outputs of this expedition will be:

  • Collating rich content database for development of a “Dive Durban” website and social media campaigns including images, video and text.
  • Development of promotional content for future campaigns.
  • Development of a range of potential packages that can be offered to the international diving community in partnership with local and international operators.
  • Growing opportunities to link diving tourism with other tourism activities around key dive locations.
  • Creating awareness and launching an initial campaign to highlight the exceptional ocean based tourism opportunities along the KwaZulu-Natal Coastline.

Request for Quotes

To prepare for this Expedition, Durban Green Corridors is looking to appoint a suitable service provider on a short-term contract to scope the project, plan the itinerary, secure industry support and develop a budget for the expedition.

Required expertise

Companies or individuals quoting to undertake this work should have:

  • Significant experience in the scuba diving and marine tourism industry across KwaZulu-Natal and able to show a clear understanding of the industry and industry dynamics.
  • An intimate understanding of the tourism industry and related stakeholders across the KwaZulu-Natal coastline.
  • The ability to interact with, network and secure support for the initiative from a wide range of stakeholders and potential sponsors.
  • Experience in media, communications and marketing, which underpins this initiative is preferable.

Scope of work

1.     Preparation of a detailed 3-4 week itinerary including:

  • Stops at key diving, snorkeling and marine related tourism destinations.
  • Outline of key dive sites to be included, including but not limited to wrecks, the sardine run, shark diving experiences, whale watching, snorkeling and other “must do” flagship ocean tourism experiences.
  • Adequate time allocation for dives, considering uncertain dive and weather conditions.
  • Adequate time allocation for exploring non-dive related activities such as cultural tours, accommodation, restaurants, wildlife viewing etc…
  • Adequate consideration given to maximizing the mix of dive / tour operators, accommodation establishments and locations incorporated on the itinerary.

2.     Engage project stakeholders and forge partnerships for the expedition

  • Engagement with industry operators to secure support and potential opportunities for sponsorships of accommodation, dives and activities where possible.
  • Engagement with vehicle hire companies to secure potential sponsorship of a hired car or tour operator transport for the full itinerary.
  • Engagement with other potential future partners such as airlines and international diving tour operators for future sponsorships and partnering opportunities.
  • Engagement with industry operators to identify lesser known attractions, activities and locations.
  • Reach agreement with potential sponsors on marketing, branding and related returns they would expect from their sponsorship / support of this expedition.

3.     Prepare a detailed budget

  • Outline all costs associated with undertaking such an exercise with detailed line items.
  • Incorporate high end, medium end and low end options where budget variables may occur.
  • Detailed outline of possible areas where costs can be reduced through sponsorships, pro bono inputs and or sponsored accommodation / dives and travel. 

Time frames

Closing date for quotations is the 27th March 2017 at 12h00.

Appointment will be made by the 3rd April 2017.

Draft itinerary report should be completed by the 1st May 2017 and final report completed by 10 May 2017.

Format of quotations

Narrative proposal including

  • CV’s of key personnel.
  • Outline of experience on similar projects and understanding of the tourism, scuba and marine tourism industries.
  • Proposed methodology and project plan / approach.
  • Unique attributes you can bring to the initiative.

Financial proposal in Excel format which includes

  • Outlining of all time / personnel related costs excl of VAT.
  • Outline of all disbursements, including travel, communications and other potential expenses.

Proposals or questions should be sent via email FAO Duncan Pritchard, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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