Journey with our community guides to some of Durban’s most loved and best-kept destinations. Take in the rugged terrain and rich traditions of our rural landscape; feel the beat of our diverse urban fabric and be captivated by the unparalleled natural beauty of our rare ecosystems.

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The rugged terrain and rich traditions of our rural landscape; the beat of our diverse urban fabric and the unparalleled natural beauty of our rare ecosystems have been packaged into tourism experiences that serve as incubators for social and environmental initiatives.

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The Green Corridor Model looks to co-creation as a way to balance the needs of the environment with community prosperity and resilience.Teaching; restoring; growing; sustaining; programming; connecting; recycling and protecting are our tools for delivery.

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Green Corridors is a social-purpose and impact-focused organisation that aims to see communities thrive in balance with the habitats around them. 

Green Corridors co-creates open spaces in key local destinations that balance environmental ‘musts’ with the challenges and opportunities of the communities that live, work and thrive within them. From these spaces and our purpose-projects and tourism experiences have been activated adding the critical layer of socio-economic sustainability to our ecosystem. 

By employing a layered partnership structure, we look to ensure the sustained involvement of multiple stakeholders in any given area. This ensures a resilient structure that can survive the cyclical nature of commercial sponsorships and campaigns.

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Beautiful Girl

Street Life photography

Beautiful Girl

Street Life photography

Beautiful Girl

Street Life photography

The rolling hills of KwaZulu Natal have been shaped by the flow of water, and the rich green of our landscape is testament to the rivers, streams and waterfalls that define it. Experience this first-hand with a tailormade waterfall tour or a leisurely day on the banks of a river.

 Durban Waterfall Tour

See three of Durban’s incredible waterfalls with a lunch-stop and scenic walks on route.

The first stop on this 5-falls tour is the Umzinyathi Waterfall in Inanda Valley where a hike into the gorge will give you views of the magnificent falls from every angle.

Next is the Nkutu Waterfall in the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve, formed in the ancient Kloof Plateau by the Molweni and Nkutu Rivers – tributaries of the uMngeni river. The last stop is Paradise Valley Waterfalls with a beautiful walk through large strelitzias, over a wooden bridge and down the stone steps to the bottom of the falls.

Mqeku Rock Slide (isiThumba)

The Valley of 1000 Hills is where you will find the isiThumba Adventure Centre and the Mqeku picnic site and natural rock slide. The point where the uMngeni and Mqeku rivers meet, is one of the prettiest spots in the province with some of the most pristine waterways too. Enjoy the cooling waters as you slide down the natural rock into the pool beneath, and when you have eventually had enough, relax on cared-for green lawns under the shade of giant fig trees.

  • Book at GreenHub - the site can get very busy over weekends, so bookings are essential.


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