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Beautiful Girl

Street Life photography

The City of Durban is a cultural melting pot and is known as ‘the warmest place to be’ not just for its year-round summer, but for the welcoming and laid-back nature of its people.

Green Corridor City tours will give you a unique view of Durban as you take in the sights, sounds and spaces that make the City what it is. 

Durban City Markets

Just as the ocean is the lifeblood of Durban, the markets in the City centre are its heartbeat.

Spices, ‘muthi’, garments and fabric; feel, taste, smell and hear Durban all under the expert direction of our local guides and straddle the worlds of traditional heritage and modern urban buzz.

Taking in Durban Station Market, the Fish Market, Victoria Market and Warwick Market, this tour is the ultimate cultural market experience.

  • This is a 3- 4 hour tour that starts and finishes at the GreenHub 

Durban City Night Cycle

A guided tour on mountain bikes is an exhilarating way to see the city by night. Bring your own mountain bike or hire one from us and explore some of the city landmarks. The beachfront, Moses Mabhida stadium and Durban City Hall are the backdrop to this unique experience that suits all cycling abilities.

  • These guided tours are 3-4 hours long and start at the GreenHub

Inanda Urban Walk

Take a guided walk with a difference and immerse yourself in the community of Inanda. Just 20 minutes north of Durban this township is rich in a history and culture of days gone by that still influences the way the people live today.

The Ohlange Trail tells the story of ‘’Madiba’s first Vote’’, introducing you to the life of the first ANC president Langalibalele Mafukuzela Dube as you walk through the century-old Ohlange Institute and visit Dube’s monument. Your community walk will introduce you to many organisations built on a philosophy of engagement, upliftment and on-going perseverance that will leave you inspired.

The equally-impactful Bhambayi Trail takes you to Satyagraha House, the place where Mahatma Ghandi lived for 21 years. Gain insight into his way of life and the values he imparted on a community who still actively live by them. 

Along this route you can spend time with a Sangoma (traditional healer) and enjoy the flavours of food and traditional Zulu Beer Brewing at a local Shabeen.

  • This is a full day or half day guided tour with lunch that starts at the Ohlange Institute or GreenHub

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