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The Zulu people established themselves in southern Africa in the 17th century, settling in what would be known as KwaZulu-Natal. A region flanked to the west by the Drakensburg Mountains and to the east by the Indian Ocean it is a place surrounded by a landscape of rolling hills, deep river gorges, and fertile grassland. Zulus were descended from the Nguni, Bantu speakers who had been migrating down the eastern coast of Africa over the course of many centuries, with some groups arriving as early as the ninth century. Once in southern Africa, they formed into several clans of which the Zulu are one example. Originally an ‘unimportant’ tribe, when Shaka became king in 1816, he revolutionised Zulu warfare and established an empire. 'Zulu' means 'heaven', and they became known as the amaZulu, the people of heaven. It is this multi-layered history and deep-seated traditions that you will find on the Green Corridor cultural tours.

Durban City Markets

Just as the ocean is the lifeblood of Durban, the markets in the City centre are its heartbeat.

Spices, ‘muthi’, garments and fabric; feel, taste, smell and hear Durban all under the expert direction of our local guides and straddle the worlds of traditional heritage and modern urban buzz.

Taking in Durban Station Market, the Fish Market, Victoria Market and Warwick Market, this tour is the ultimate cultural market experience.

  • This is a 3- 4 hour tour that starts and finishes at the GreenHub 

Urban Inanda Cultural Tour

Take a guided walk with a difference and immerse yourself in the community of Inanda. Just 20 minutes north of Durban this township is rich in a history and culture of days gone by that still influences the way the people live today.

The Ohlange Trail tells the story of ‘’Madiba’s first Vote’’, introducing you to the life of the first ANC president Langalibalele Mafukuzela Dube as you walk through the century-old Ohlange Institute and visit Dube’s monument. Your community walk will introduce you to many organisations built on a philosophy of engagement, upliftment and on-going perseverance that will leave you inspired.

The equally-impactful Bhambayi Trail takes you to Satyagraha House, the place where Mahatma Ghandi lived for 21 years. Gain insight into his way of life and the values he imparted on a community who still actively live by them. 

Along this route you can spend time with a Sangoma (traditional healer) and enjoy the flavours of food and traditional Zulu Beer Brewing at a local Shabeen.

Wild Inanda Rasta Caves

No trip to Durban would be complete without taking in the breath-taking views and unique culture of wild Inanda. Experience both, with a guided walk to the impressive gorge and pristine valley vegetation that surround the uMzinyathi Waterfall. And just when you think you have seen it all, the steep gorge opens into a sacred cliff-face cave, a spiritual home still used by local Rastafarians. Here you will learn about the Rasatafrian people, their religion as well as view the Rastafarian temple, caves and rock houses as well as ancient Ethiopian writings.


The Valley of 1000 Hills is named after the never-ending vista of hills that undulate from the distant Drakensberg Mountains to the Indian Ocean and is where you can enjoy one of the most authentic cultural tours in KwaZulu-Natal.

Local guides with unparalleled knowledge and story-telling skills will bring the rituals and customs of the Zulu people to life as you tour our quintessential rural Zulu village. Visit a Shebeen (Local Bar) where you will be welcomed by a traditional Zulu meal cooked by one of the village woman; meet a Sangoma (traditional healer), and even spend the a night in one of our homesteads waking to the sounds of the animals and glow of the sun rising over the rolling hills.

Walk the guided trails through the spectacular Mamba Gorge where you will see hidden valleys and impressive granite outcrops including the mythical iSithumba Rock, a key landmark in the area.

  • Each experience can be tailormade and bookings are essential.
  • Start at GreenHub (hyperlink to GreenHub) or use the isiThumba Adventure Centre as your base.

KwaDabeka and Molweni

Just south of KwaDabeka is Zazi Street in Clermont, fast receiving international acclaim as a tourist hotspot and a reflection of a modern Durban culture. Home to a vibrant mix of traders including grocery stores, Shabeens (local tavern) and Shisanyama restaurants, this is also the home of Joseph Shabalala, the founding member of Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

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