Half Day Environmental Education Program - Water & Life


Per Person R 75.00


Get out of the classroom and into nature .....the best classroom in the world! Our half day Water & Life Program is suited to Grade 5- Grade 11 learners and covers learning outcomes involving mathematics and natural sciences.

The program uses the well known miniSASS sampling tool. MiniSASS is a simple tool which can be used by anyone to monitor the health of a river. Learners collect s samples of macroinvertebrates (small animals) from the water, and depending on which groups are found, you have a measure of the general river health and water quality in that river.

Beyond the practical field work, learners are exposed to a range of marine and fresh water environmental issues from litter to water saving and of course, lots of fun, outdoors and exploring natural habitats.


08h00-09h00: Learners arrive between 08h00 and 09h00 and split into groups of 6-10 learners per guide

09h00-09h30: Our guides guides will lead their groups on a pre-planned route toward the water study site. Along the way they will interpret what they see in terms of specific learning outcomes

The learners must be encouraged to look for interesting things as well in order to tease out their own experiences in nature and adds to the learning experience

10h00-12h00: Learners will hunt along the water’s edge for water creatures. This exercise requires learners to use the nets to carefully catch organisms in the water, transfer them to a container for the entire group to see and identify the collected species using a provided “bug dial” and MiniSass Dichotomous key.

12h00-12h30: Free play time

12h30-13h00: Guides will discuss the course and ask leading questions in order to refresh the learner’s memories and revisit some of the more important principles covered on the course. Teachers will be provided with a feedback form to assess the quality of the course and get suggestions for possible follow up activities.

Venues: Blue Lagoon Mangroves / GreenHub or eNanda Adventures

Durban Green Corridor Provides all resources for the activities, guides as well as teacher's lesson plans to take home after.

Transport to the study venues can be arranged as well as light lunch for students at extra cost.












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