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uMngeni Canoeing Trips


Per Person R 140.00


Guided and self guided canoe trips along the uMngeni Estuary from the GreenHub

We offer canoeing around Durban at uMngeni Adventures (Blue Lagoon, Durban), where you can paddle up the river to Conought Bridge and down towards the river mouth.

On the guided tour; our experienced guides will take you out and give you an insight into the river’s exciting bird life, flora and history of the estuary. Along the way, you will be able to spot Cormorants, Egyptian Goose or Grey Herons amongst others. uMngeni River is famous for its beautiful estuary, where the river’s freshwater joins the salty sea water, creating the perfect environment for a huge mangrove population with their unique purpose in the ecosystem. You will also learn about the river’s interesting history of being diverted from its original stream through Durban Harbour to Blue Lagoon.

Our canoeing tours are a safe activity for people of all ages with guaranteed fun and a new experience of the city of Durban. Ideal for families looking for fun things to do and canoeing in Durban. Costs are for fully guided tours, please enquire about self guided options

Customer Reviews

My husband & I went canoeing together with my two nephews. As first-timers, the one hour was slightly too long. By the end of it we were really tired and struggled to canoe back against the wind. Fortunately, we decided to turn back before reaching the bridge which is identifies as the turnaround point. All this being said, it is an experience that we will gladly repeat. Our guide, Skhumbuzo, was friendly and accommodating. We really enjoyed the experience and it was wonderful to enjoy something different that our beautiful city has to offer. - Alison Brower

About an hour of canoing along the gentle umgeni river - owing the shallow waters you have to wait till it's a high tide. We took a two man boat and I managed to get some good exercise paddling (especially when returning, the wind being against us then). I think we were very lucky that it was almost cloudy so the sun was not too strong. We managed to see a variety of different birds including kingfishers and those bright red bishop birds. The GreenHub guides know the flora and fauna very well and give you explanations about the mangrove forest. And we rescued a beach umbrella and a large jute bag as our contribution towards the environment. Oh and a kiddies soccer ball. All in all very enjoyable to get a different perspective of the river than just walking alongside it. Thankyou! - Fazl Rahman

The staff were friendly polite and accommodating. The experience was enjoyable and perspective changing. Given the opportunity I would definitely do it again. Suggest more green corridor activities on Groupon. - U. Kuppen Cullen

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