From adventures along our gorgeous coastline to epic 4x4 trails, bum slides and horse back riding through the Valley Of A 1000 Hills, you're guaranteed of one thing, an adventure you won't forget in a rush. 

All these activities are undertaken in partnership with a range of tourism entrepreneurs, many of whom are from the communities in which these adventures take place. So as a tourist, supporting these activities, you're not only providing valuable business to small emerging businesses, you're also assured of an authentic, real, uncontrived experience. 

The Mqeku River Experience

Arguably one of the prettiest picnic sites in the province at the point where uMngeni river and Mqeku river meet. Relax on the green lawns under the shade of giant fig trees or slide down the river on the natural rock slide. This wonderful little spot is community owned and managed, safe, beautiful, serene and the river bum slide is a highlight for all visitors. The site can get very busy over weekends, so bookings are essential.

The Valley On Horseback

Be welcomed by Bo and his friendly horses that enjoy a natural and free life in the green hills of the valley. Ideal for beginners and more experienced riders. After a short introduction into horse riding and a welcome-pat for your new four-legged friend, we ascend and take you through an original Zulu village along a scenic road down to the beautiful bank of Umgeni River. Once we have reached the riverbank, you can enjoy your own picnic basket (optional). 

The Valley 4x4 Experience

Whether you're an experienced 4x4 enthusiast or just keen to try your offered skills for the first time. Our Valley of a 1000 Hills 4x4 Experience with Montaseel Adventures is the perfect opportunity to see a part of KZN few people explore.  The trails are led by highly experienced off-road drivers who will lend and hand and give you tips along the way. The trips also include a lunch stop and braai alongside the uMngeni River and views you'll never forget. 

Durban Snorkeling

Few people realise just how rich and diverse the marine life is in the bay of Durban. In knee deep water you can experience wonderful shoals of fish, stingrays, cuttlefish and corals. Our snorkelling trips are safe, easy and fun way to experience Durban's marine life. If you can swim, you can snorkel. A guide accompanies you along your trip and will help you get comfortable in the water and point out interesting marine life. These two hour trips are very tide and weather dependent. 

Photographic Tour

Ideal for keen photographers to get out there and test their skills on some amazing subjects. From the edgy colourful township opportunities around Inanda to gorgeous scenery and landscapes around Inanda Mountain. These trips are designed with flexibility in mind, if you see something that catches your eye, we stop and catch a photo. Trips are accompanied by experienced guides, ensuring your safety and also ensuring you can get into areas and intimate opportunities few other photographers have. 

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