Improving Livelihoods & Job Creation

For marginalised and economically excluded communities, Durban Green Corridors facilitates poverty reduction efforts that are grounded in environmental stewardship and eco-tourism. This is achieved through a multi-pronged approach built on the pillars of

Job creation:

Durban Green Corridors has created scores of direct job opportunities in the fields of tour guides; trail maintenance teams; site administrative/management staff; youth leaders; environmental ambassadors; sports development leaders; local homestead hosts and caterers. This includes skills development, training; mentoring and getting people qualified. 

Enterprise development:  

Durban Green Corridors actively works with communities to build new business opportunities and develop SMME's. This is done through a process of business support and partnerships for small local enterprises which generate income for the household.

Eco and adventure tourism is used by Durban Green Corridors as an important tool for skills development in the following ways:

Working with local communities to develop previously inaccessible areas of natural beauty into accessible places for visitors and locals to enjoy.

Consulting closely with communities to ensure that sites are respectful of, and reflect, local traditions and culture.

Developing and maintaining trails suitable for a range of outdoor activities along the valley, connecting sites. 

Developing a range of tourism routes and offerings including activities such as canoeing, mountain biking, hiking, bird watching, traditional Zulu cultural experiences as well as picnic and camping areas/facilities.

Marketing tourist products to suitable markets including locals, visitors from across South Africa and international tourists. 

Ensuring that locally employed staff are trained to provide good customer service and operate professionally. 

Providing SMME's with an important support service in terms of market access and business support. 

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