The Economic Development Unit within eThekwini Municipality has identified the circular economy as a key component to a stable future local economy. As such it is working through Green Corridors (as its agent) to develop material recovery networks and locally appropriate green technologies. Green Corridors is in the process of establishing the KwaMashu Materials Beneficiation Centre (KMBC) in KwaMashu and a number of Mini Materials Recovery Facilities (Mini MRFs) strategically located at multiple hubs within eThekwini municipality. Of particular significance is that materials sourced through mini MRFs are to be transported to KMBC which is to function as an innovation centre where technologies and business models are developed and proven as suitable for the role out as sustainable businesses. In this capacity, Green Corridors seeks to appoint a contractor to advise on on requirements to achieve compliant operations at these two Green Corridors sites.

Closing Date: 17h00 Thursday 19th January 2022. Please note that potential bidders will need to book a site visit prior to proposal submission. 

Please click here to download a copy of the technical specifications and further guidelines 


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